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pest control spray

Don't let pests ruin your thriving garden. We have the organic pest control solutions you're looking for to create a beautiful pest-free indoor garden. Our team will also help you find all of the nutrients you'll need to keep your garden healthy. Browse our site to learn more about how Homelight Gardens can help.

Quality products that get results

• Hydroponic nutrients

• Organic nutrients

• Organic pest control

• Plant stimulator

• Bloom booster

• Flavor enhancers

• Michigan Made Mix / Advanced Nutrients

• Foxfarm / General Hydroponics

Make your garden great

You'll find all that you need to create a beautifully thriving indoor garden that will yield you a bounty for years to come. Our team is here to ensure you have all the products you'll need to continue your gardening success. You'll find quality lighting that comes with a warranty, hydroponic supplies, and more. Come see us today!

Pest control and nutrients for your indoor garden